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After you have submitted the first application and paid the application fee, you must return to the online application using your same User ID and password and change your major. Criteria used in making decisions will vary according to the college and program being applied for, but all decisions include an evaluation of the applicant's potential for graduate work and the ability of a program to accommodate additional students. Typically, each academic department accepting graduate students will form an admissions committee and review all requests, then forward its recommendations to the Graduate School for final approval and processing. The Clemson University Graduate School accepts only. Permanent Resident: If you do not already have an NR number, you will be provided one when you complete the online application. PLEASE SAVE THIS NUMBER. Applicants to Clemson graduate programs who are non-residents of the US are assigned an NR number. The technicians at CollegeNet will be able to look at your application or letters of recommendation and help correct the problem. Relevant Student Numbers

We are happy to assist you with the online application and admissions process, and we are always happy to. Best graduate school admissions essay writing help. In addition, international students often have earlier deadlines in order to allow enough time to secure a visa. Clemson allows you to apply to more than one program. Northwest has decided to not continue support of Internet Explorer 6. The image to the left shows what our site should look like in a modern browser. The browser you use is your choice, and you can still browse our site with IE6, but many of our pages will not look as nice.

We appreciate your patience and will do our best to respond to you in as timely a manner as possible. The Clemson University Graduate School oversees the admissions process for all graduate programs at Clemson University. It is suggested that you upgrade to a more modern browser, such as one of the browsers listed below. Our website has been created with current web technologies. Upgrading your browser will improve your web experience enabling you to use and view our site as intended. You can also check the of your pending application online. Please be aware that different programs have different application deadlines, and there are some programs that accept applicants only once a year. Experience the advantages of our small, friendly, and caring campus community. Dr.

If you are currently or have previously been a student at Clemson then you will have a CUID number, which you will be asked to provide. All applications at Clemson are customized to meet the needs of each specific program and are not interchangeable between programs. If you already have an NR number, please have it available when you complete the online application, so that you can enter it in the appropriate place. YOU WILL NEED IT TO INQUIRE ABOUT YOUR APPLICATION. If you are unsure of your number, please leave it blank. International: